A New Kind of Publishing House!

for now, for the future, for all authors


Started as an imprint for re-releasing his originally published story as a novel after a rights reversion, Martin McConnell has always wanted Gecko Print to be a different kind of publishing company, one that isn’t afraid to innovate. Culturing a career starts with finding readers, not deciding whether or not to drop an author based on unit sales. Good writing is good writing, and we seek to work with our future authors to build their careers and hack growth by spreading their words to readers around the globe, even utilizing unconventional tactics that no large print house would ever consider.


We're doing something a little different. Being slow on the PLR front, we've decided to start making video games, starting with Shattered Alliances, which is based on a fantasy world Martin McConnell has been dreaming up for years. Short stories about the world are available on his website,, and we've just started a video stress test with downloads of the early-alpha test code. Feel free to grab a copy and let us know you you think.

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With the launch of our website, we are pivoting to be a first-of-its-kind publisher that actually works with authors both in-house and out of house. We’re establishing a business model for B2B that will spill over to building stronger author websites, even if they aren’t ours, as well as several other businesses. The recent changes also involve converting our current resources to start building a full time media business to aid in advertising and discovery of writing talent. We’ll even be giving away award-winning tactics for free. For a fee, we can implement these for you, or if you’re feeling savvy, you can save some green and do the work yourself. We’ll tell you how.
No secrets, okay maybe a few, but we want to help good books find their audience, even if they don’t bear our paw print.